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  • Maki.vc


    Making history? We champion the entrepreneurs rewriting the future.

  • Aaron Dinin, PhD

    Aaron Dinin, PhD

    I teach entrepreneurship at Duke. Software Engineer. PhD in English. I write about the mistakes entrepreneurs make since I’ve made plenty. More @ aarondinin.com

  • Philip Skogsberg

    Philip Skogsberg

    Co-founder & Head of Product/Marketing @Challengermode. Trying to think better thoughts, some of which appear on my newsletter: philipskogsberg.substack.com

  • Ilya Galushin

    Ilya Galushin

    Expert in visual communications, presentations and startup pitch decks. Founder of Presium — global design consultancy studio https://presium.io/

  • Francesco Corea

    Francesco Corea

    Research Lead @Balderton. Formerly @Anthemis @UCLA. All opinions are my own.

  • e-Residency - now at e-resident.gov.ee/blog

    e-Residency - now at e-resident.gov.ee/blog

    This profile is now archived. The official blog of the Republic of Estonia’s e-Residency programme is now at e-resident.gov.ee/blog.

  • Liina Luhats-Ulman

    Liina Luhats-Ulman

    The tales of Estonian digital culture, that I write down are brought to you by The Estonian Institute and The Year of Digital Culture 2020

  • Rocket DAO

    Rocket DAO

    A platform uniting startups, investors and experts. Join: https://rocketdao.io/

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